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Prepscholar vs Magoosh: Which is Right For You?

Prepscholar vs Magoosh: Which is Right For You?
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Getting into your dream college can be stressful, especially when you have to take an exam to get in. How do you know you will pass? What if you are worried about passing or uncertain what could be on the exam and wonder if you would rather pass than try for it?

Having prep courses for you to test your skills is invaluable and can be a confidence booster, too. Fortunately, there is help online from PrepScholar vs Magoosh. These are two online learning platforms that teach online and give you the ability to learn in the comfort of your own home or where ever in the world you are located.

These two platforms have instructors who teach via video and one-on-one, allowing students to learn, practice, and test their knowledge and see where their grades really stand before applying to the college of their dreams. Preparing for such an important opportunity is vital, and it would be worth the cost and timing to prep yourself before proceeding with your applications.

Main Differences Between PrepScholar vs Magoosh

The main differences Between PrepScholar vs Magoosh are:

  • PrepScholar has a customized study plan for each student, whereas Magoosh has a generic study plan for all students
  • PrepScholar offers 7,100+SAT and 2,400+ACT practice questions, whereas Magoosh offers 1,750+SAT and 1,400+ACT practice questions
  • PrepScholar’s free trial is 5-days, whereas Magoosh has a 7-day free trial
  • PrepScholar has 5-course options, whereas Magoosh has 9-course options

Each Has Similarities Too, Such As

  • PrepScholar and Magoosh are both online platforms that reach students across the globe
  • Both platforms are self-paced and have live online classes
  • Both PrepScholar and Magoosh allow you to learn and study wherever you are in the world


Prepscholar vs Magoosh

PrepScholar offers preparation courses that train students in subjects that match their abilities. The Online prep courses comprise:

  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)- when applying to undergraduate schools
  • American College Testing (ACT) – for scholastic assessment used for college admissions in the United States
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)- for admission to most graduate schools
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) – for business school applications
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – for non-native English individuals applying to colleges

Customized Courses

Through a series of questions, their diagnostic system will determine a person’s skill level and create a customized program for that person.


PrepScholar provides a step-by-step explanation of which lessons you should take, when, and how to learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes it is hard to keep motivated with courses when life gets in the way. In order to help you stay on track, PrepScholar will give you weekly progress reports and personal feedback to encourage your hard work and keep persevering with your courses.

Video Lessons

Most of the courses include detailed video lessons that show you the content and successfully pass the courses.


PrepScholar offers a tutoring package that includes 12 hours of tutoring and unlimited practice with 1-on-1 help from an expert that will ensure that you completely understand the lesson you are learning and answer all questions you have.

PrepScholar Pricing Packages range from $397 to $995. Onetime payment for self-paced or live online classes.

Pricing Packages  
Complete SAT Online Prep  $                  397
Complete Premium  $                  577
Dual SAT + ACT  $                  597
PrepScholar Classes  $                  895
Complete Tutoring  $                  995

Complete SAT Online Package

This package includes 1-year access to the entire PrepScholar program. A customized plan based on their diagnostics on the questions you initially answered when you signed up. There are dozens of lessons, 7100+ practice questions, problem-solving and skill lesson videos, detailed answers, quizzes and ten real practice tests.

Complete Premium Package

Includes everything from the Complete Prep Package course with 2-year access to the entire PrepScholar program and you are part of expedited support in case you have technical difficulties or need your instructor.

Dual SAT + ACT Package

This package not only includes all the Complete Prep Package comprises, but you get live instructor-led classes for you to prepare for both SAT and ACT.

PrepScholar Classes Package

It comprises everything from the Complete Prep Package course to expert-led classes where you can interact with your instructor and other classmates. You attend class online with a small group of students.

Complete + Tutoring Package

This package includes everything from the Complete Prep Package course, plus 1-on-1 tutoring.

PrepScholar offers a free eBook

The eBook title is The Best SAT Advice You Can Get”. It has five strategies to get you 160+ points or more for successful college admission.


PrepScholar has several ways for you to get in contact with them.

They have a contact form on their website that you can fill out and submit to them.

They also have an email and a phone number to call contact them directly:


Prepscholar and Magoosh Lessons

Magoosh offers a variety of prep courses and claims to have taught over 1.5 million students. Their course options include:

  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)- when applying to undergraduate schools
  • American College Testing (ACT) – for scholastic assessment used for college admissions in the United States
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)- for admission to most graduate schools
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) – for business school applications
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – for non-native English individuals applying to colleges
  • PRAXIS– required for an American Teaching Certificate
  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT)- for law school admission
  • Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)– for medical college admission
  • International English Language Test System (IELTS)- to measure our language proficiency

Continue reading our full guide on how to find the best language courses online.


Magoosh teaches with video instructions, and the courses are generic, which are not customizable by the student. You need to be self-motivated and dedicated to take Magoosh’s course, as no instructor will give you a pep-talk or send you progress reports.

Magoosh Course Pricing Packages

The pricing packages are pretty simple and affordable.

Course Length  Cost  
Premium 1 month  $ 149 for students with limited study time
Premium 6 months  $ 179 saves money by purchasing 6 months at once
Premium + Classes 6 months  $ 179 limited-time only, get interactive classes for free

Premium – 1 month

This course package includes comprehensive coverage of Verbal, Math and American Worldwide Academy (AWAY), video lessons, 1,400+ practice questions, three practice tests, study schedules, +5 total score guarantee, ask instructor questions to clarify your learning materials, score predictor, and the ability to pause your plan.

Premium – 6 months

This course package includes the same as the Premium- 1-month package but for 6-months instead of 1-month

Premium + Classes – 6 months

This course package includes the same as the Premium – a 6-month package, unlimited drop-in classes with a live instructor, and 30+ hours of on-demand recordings.

Praxis Pricing Packages

  • Math Only $79: Includes prepping for the Praxis Core Math Exam, 6-months aces, 80+ video lessons, 120+ practice questions, support via email
  • Premium – $99: Includes prepping for Praxis math, reading, and writing exams, 6-months access, 175+ video lessons, 350+ practice questions, support via email

Magoosh Has a Free 82-Page eBook

Title: Magoo’s Complete Guide to the GRE: Free eBook

Magoosh Support

Magoosh includes 24/7 student support via email and they have a Help tab on the dashboard.

PrepScholar vs. Magoosh Pros & Cons



  • PrepScholar has an adaptive algorithm system that personalizes your study plan to focus on your knowledge and weaknesses in order to strengthen your abilities and increase your score
  • Both PrepScholar and Magoosh comprise an effective curriculum that increases your learning skills with the help of videos, practice tests, and exams
  • Magoosh courses are more affordable than PrepScholar
  • Magoosh has a Mobile App
  • PrepScholar helps you with momentum and helps you keep accountable with the help of weekly progress reports and email check-in


  • Magoosh’s SAT practice questions are a quarter of a fraction of what PrepScholar SAT course includes and Magoo’s ACT practice questions fall short at approximately 60% of what PrepScholar offers.
  • PrepScholar courses are more expensive than Magoosh
  • PrepScholar does not have a Mobile App








PrepExpert courses Include SAT, ACT, Tutoring, Admissions, Masterclasses, and free classes.

Prices Range: SAT $299-$1,299; ACT $299-$799.

Princeton Review

Courses Include: ACT, SAT, Academia, AP, PSAT, SSAT, Homework Help, TOEFL, SHSAT, ISEE, MCAT, DAT, OAT, LSAT GRE, GMAT, CFA, USMLE

Prices Range: SAT & ACT $499 -$1,549 plus they have separate various hourly tutorial packages


Courses Include: SAT, ACT, PSAT, PreACT 9/10, SSAT

Prices Range: SAT & ACT $129 – $599

Social Media


Both PrepScholar and Magoosh have Facebook and Twitter, in which students can stay in touch with other students and the learning platforms themselves.




Question: Does PrepScholar and Magoosh offer a Guarantee?

Answer: PrepScholar: If you don’t gain at least 4-points on your next ACT compared to your last ACT or scaled PLAN score, they will give you a refund.
Magoosh: Increase your GRE score by 5 points or get a refund.
Premium subscription: they guarantee a 5-point increase in your overall score.
Math subscription: they guarantee a 2-point increase on the Math section.
Verbal subscription: they guarantee a 2-point increase on the Verbal section.

Question: How Many Practice Questions Does Each of These Platforms Include?

Answer: PrepScholar includes 7,100+ practice questions. Magoosh includes 1,750+ practice questions.

Question: Does PrepScholar or Magoosh Offer Discounts?

Answer: Neither platform provides discounts directly from their website, however, you could get discount coupons from various sources on the web, like the following…


Both PrepScholar and Magoosh platforms offer comprehensive learning programs that comprise work-at-your own pace, video lessons, and specific practice questions with detailed answers.

PrepScholar includes a large number of learning materials and a customized program for each student that hones in specific areas that strengthen weakened areas in a person’s knowledge. Magoosh has a mobile app for those that want to learn on the go.

However, I lean more towards PrepScholar because of the number of practice questions, and again because it customizes courses to meet the students’ specific needs; it is not a one size fits all program that Magoosh appears to be.

PrepScholar Discounts:

Magoosh Discounts: