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Best edX Data Analytics Courses to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

Best edX Data Analytics Courses to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but without it, I’d still be stuck in my old job without career advancement options. The courage and perseverance to attend the best EdX data analytics courses have helped me turn my career around and get the job I always wanted.

Like LinkedIn Learning or Udacity, the edX platform is a treasure trove of data analytics courses created by some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. However, attending these courses doesn’t guarantee you a data analyst job, but it puts you a step closer to it.

I understand how overwhelming choosing an online course can be, so I’ll use my experience to assist you in picking the best data analytics course on the edX platform that matches your current knowledge level.

Bottom Line Up Front

Attending several introductory courses will give you a general idea of the key issues the field of data analytics tackles. Still, it won’t be enough to develop practical skills you can use to analyze data sets.

I recommend completing IBM’s ten-month Data Analyst Professional Certificate program that trains you for the Junior Data Analyst role. I also think that attending Davison’s Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI or Harvard’s Data Analysis for Life Sciences can help you advance your career.

My Top Picks at a Glance

CourseCourse developer DurationPrice range
Data Analytics Basics for EveryoneIBMFive weeksFree
Computing for Data AnalysisGeorgia Tech15 weeksFree/$$$$
Data Analysis: Statistical Modeling and Computation in ApplicationsMIT16 weeksFree/$$$
Data Analysis EssentialsImperial College LondonSix weeksFree/$$
Data Analysis for Life SciencesHarvard University16 weeks$$$$
Introduction to Transforming with Data Analytics and the Digital OrganizationUniversity of MarylandFour weeksFree/$$$
Data Analyst Professional CertificateIBMTen months$$$$
Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BIDavisonFour weeksFree/$$$
Introduction to Data Analytics for ManagersUniversity of MichiganSix weeksFree/$$$

Types of Data Analytics Courses on the EdX Platform

edx courses

Your current familiarity with data analytics should serve as a guideline when selecting courses on the EdX platform. Even introductory courses can be hard to follow if you don’t have a basic understanding of data science or feel uncomfortable using python.

EdX offers a variety of courses designed for managers, marketers, or life science professionals. Hence, the field you’re working in can also help you choose a data analytics course. The duration of these courses varies from several weeks to more than ten months.

The platform’s preparatory courses focus on developing skills or mastering the software students need to complete intermediate or advanced data analytics courses. You’ll have the full support of edX’s team if you encounter issues using the platform.

Educational Institutions and Course Prerequisites

One of the things I like the most about edX is that it hosts programs created by some of the best universities in the world. The courses in the platform’s data analytics category are developed by the following tech companies and educational institutions:

  • MIT
  • Harvard University
  • IBM
  • Davison College
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Fullbridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University of California San Diego
  • HEC Montreal
  • Georgia Tech
  • University of Michigan

Following the data analytics courses can be difficult if you don’t know much about statistics or programming languages. Hence, I suggest taking several courses like the Fundamentals of Statistics, Python Basics for Data Science, or Introduction to Data Science before enrolling in a data analytics course.

Also, each course has a number of prerequisites, so you may not be able to attend specific classes if your understanding of multivariable calculus or machine learning isn’t at an undergraduate level.

The Syllabus and Learning Schedule

Having the flexibility to choose how much time I can dedicate to an online course is one of the reasons why I prefer eLearning platforms to conventional classes.

EdX offers a variety of self-paced courses and certification programs, but it also features instructor-paced modules that require you to complete each stage of the syllabus within a specific timeframe.

The syllabuses vary from one course to another and include lessons structured around fundamental differences between Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts or advanced statistical analysis methods.

Each program comes with course materials that allow for a structured approach to different aspects of data analysis. Direct communication with course instructors through the EdX platform isn’t possible, but each course has a discussion forum where students can get answers to their questions.

The graded assignments and exams are only available if you opt for the paid version of a specific course.

Career Advancement Options

Completing one or more data analytics courses at the edX platform doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a job in this role. However, obtaining several edX course certificates has helped me get an entry-level data analyst position.

You won’t get a sharable certificate if you choose to attend an edX course for free. Completing an entire certification program that includes multiple courses carries more gravity with employers than going through individual data analyst courses that last for four to six weeks.

So, I advise patience if you’d like to build a career in data analytics because it may take years to develop the coding and other skills this job requires.

Completing formal computer science, statistics, or math undergraduate studies will increase your chances of becoming a data analyst. Attending one of the advanced courses in this field at the edX platform might help you progress in your career.

Data Analytic Course Pricing

Becoming a member of the edX platform is free, as you don’t have to pay a subscription fee to create an account. Enrolling or purchasing a course is only possible after you complete the registration process.

Also, you can sign up for most self-paced data analytics courses for free, but opting for the Audit Track will limit your access to the learning materials and prevent you from obtaining a sharable certificate. Depending on the course, the Verified Track prices span from less than $100 to $1,000.

All professional certificate programs have a participation fee, and you’ll have to spend close to $1,000 to complete one of these programs. The platform also offers business data analytics courses, but pricing options are only available upon request.

Selection Criteria

The edX platform offers more than fifty courses that cover different aspects of data analytics. Each course has specific enrollment criteria, so which path you can attend depends on your experience, skills, and level of education.

I considered each of these parameters while picking the platform’s top data analytics classes, but I also relied on several other factors during the selection process.

  • The institution’s reputation: Educators employed by leading tech companies or reputable universities created all courses I included in the final selection.
  • Course duration: This criterion has helped me pinpoint self, and instructor-paced courses students can complete in several weeks or months.

Top 9 edX Data Analytics Courses

Data Analytics Basics for Everyone

Taking the Data Analytics Basics for Everyone course will grant you a general overview of the data analytics process, introduce you to Big Data platforms and help you understand the basic data wrangling or data visualization concepts.

This course is a part of IBM’s Data Analysis and Visualization Fundamentals and Data Analytics and Visualization with Excel and R certification programs. The course requires minimal engagement since you can dedicate two to three hours to it and complete it in five weeks.


  • The course provides career orientation assistance
  • The Verified Track version of this course isn’t expensive
  • The course is developed by a seasoned IT professional
  • Students gain hands-on experience


  • The free version of this course is available for a limited time

Computing for Data Analysis

Despite being aimed at students with an advanced understanding of data analytics, the Computing for Data Analysis course has no enrollment prerequisites.

Still, I don’t recommend taking this course if you’re unfamiliar with programming languages or fundamental data storage, pipelines, or visualization concepts.

You can take the Computing for Data Analysis as an independent course or as a part of Georgia Tech’s MicroMasters® Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods program. This course is instructor-paced, and you’ll have to complete it in 15 weeks.


  • Students work with real-life datasets
  • Several session enrollment options are available
  • It teaches students to utilize R, python, and SQL to organize and present data
  • Anyone can enroll in this course


  • It requires advanced knowledge of algebra

Data Analysis: Statistical Modeling and Computation in Applications

The participants of the Data Analysis: Statistical Modeling and Computation in Applications course must meet strict criteria, as their understanding of machine learning, linear algebra, multivariable calculus, probability theory, python, and statistics needs to be at an undergraduate level.

MIT’s 16-week course takes ten to fifteen hours per week to complete, and it doesn’t offer students the possibility of choosing their own pace. The syllabus was created by MIT associate professors and research scientists Karene Chu, Stefanie Jegelka, and Caroline Uhler.


  • It offers students theoretical and practical knowledge
  • The paid version of this course includes exams
  • edX also offers this course to businesses


  • This course isn’t for novice data analysts

Data Analysis Essentials

I suggest inquiring about the Data Analysis Essentials course if you’re fresh out of high school and you’d like to master the fundamental concepts of making decisions based on data. During this course, you’ll also learn how to utilize data analysis in management or business contexts.

Participating in this course is mandatory if you’d like to obtain the PreMBA Essentials for Professionals certificate from Imperial College London.

The Data Analysis Essential course is free for all participants, but you can get the Verified Track to ensure you’ll receive the certificate after you complete it.


  • The course is self-paced, and students can complete it in a couple of weeks
  • It is one of the least expensive data analysis courses on the edX platform
  • It’s great for young people interested in building a data analyst career


  • The course doesn’t include learning programming languages

Data Analysis for Life Sciences

Harvard University’s Data Analysis for Life Sciences professional certificate is created for researchers working with vast datasets. The program contains four courses covering the R programming language, the creation of linear models, and techniques for analyzing high-dimensional data.

Each course takes four weeks to complete if you dedicate two to four hours to it, but you can go through the entire program much faster because you can decide how quickly you want to go through the syllabus.


  • The program doesn’t have high enrollment requirements
  • Each course demands a minimum level of engagement
  • The curriculum is created by Rafael Irizarry, a biostatistics expert


  • Enrolling in this program for free isn’t possible

Introduction to Transforming with Data Analytics and the Digital Organization

I believe business owners or individuals who want to guide organizations through digital transformation can benefit immensely from attending the Introduction to Transforming with Data Analytics and the Digital Organization course.

The participants learn how to utilize data strategically to foresee the necessary adjustments to the organization’s business model. Although it doesn’t cover topics related to data analysis tools and techniques, this course shows students how to utilize data to drive businesses forward.


  • Completing this course doesn’t take much effort
  • Anyone can enroll in this course
  • The course can be completed in less than a month


  • The course expires soon

Data Analyst Professional Certificate

During this ten-month program, you’ll learn how to code with python and SQL and use these languages to visualize data. Attending the Data Analyst Professional Certificate program can help you learn to analyze, interpret and present data in Excel or IBM Cognos Analytics tool.

You’ll obtain the skills you need for entry-level data analyst positions upon completion of all nine courses included in this program. Moreover, you’ll receive the certificate issued by an influential IT company.


  • Having programming skills isn’t a prerequisite for participation in this program
  • Students master Jupyter Notebooks, SQL, and other data analysis tools
  • This professional certificate is affordable


  • It focuses on the basic concepts of data analytics

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

I recommend enrolling in the Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI if you want to learn to use a tool that lets you generate data models that visualize an organization’s performance patterns.

This course is also available within Davison’s From Database to Dashboard using SQL and Power BI and Fundamentals of Data Visualization with Power BI programs. However, you’ll need a PC if you wish to enroll in the course because the software’s desktop version isn’t compatible with the macOS.


  • This course is excellent for marketing, financial or business analysts
  • It shows students how to organize and present data
  • All members of the edX platform can attend this course for free


  • Signing in to a Power BI account from a personal email address isn’t an option

Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers

A simple and low-engagement course like Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers is a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to use data analysis techniques in the business environment. You’ll use Microsoft Azure in combination with SQL to evaluate relationships between datasets.

During the course, students also participate in machine learning experiments, generate SQL queries, and create hypotheses. Participants don’t need a data analytics background or coding skills to finish the course.


  • Excellent instructors
  • Students gain practical experience
  • The course is perfect for working professionals that don’t have much time during the week


  • It focuses on just one data analytics tool

Frequently asked questions about the best edX data analytics courses

Question: Where can I get more information about the edX data analytics courses?

Answer: The fastest way to gather additional information about a course or a program is to contact edX’s customer support.

Question: Can I keep the learning materials after completing an edX data analytics course?

Answer: Yes, all learning materials remain available after the course ends.

Question: What is an archived edX data analytics course?

Answer: The platform archives courses after they end, enabling its users to access lectures or reading materials.

Final thoughts: Which edX Data Analytics course should you choose?

Becoming a data analyst was a dream come true for me, but achieving this goal without edX, LinkedIn Learning, and similar platforms would be impossible.

Still, attending data analytics courses wasn’t enough to get me my first data analyst position, as I spent countless hours on course forums debating different topics and networking.

I think completing the Data Analyst Professional Certificate program is just one of the steps you’ll need to take to on the road to jumpstarting a data analyst career. On the other hand, a course like Data Analysis for Life Sciences is only suitable for people already working with vast datasets.

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