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GREedge vs Magoosh: Which Program is Better?

GREedge vs Magoosh: Which Program is Better?
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The Graduate Record Exam, more commonly known as the GRE, is the most prevalent exam for graduate studies across the world, which may explain the popularity of test prep online, like GREedge and Magoosh.

For context, approximately ten thousand students from one hundred and sixty countries take the test on an annual basis. The GRE measures verbal and quantitative reasoning, with an analytical writing section and can take nearly four hours to complete.

Though Educational Testing Service, the organization that delivers the GRE, as well as other standardized tests (SAT, ACT, PRAXIS, TOEFL, AP tests, and career development), offers online resources, these are fairly limited. The practice test is said to be among the more accurate ways of predicting your GRE score, yet for most students, taking one practice test is not enough preparation.

That’s where online test prep and courses come in. The test prep market is worth billions of dollars and includes not only GREedge and Magoosh, but also popular competitors like Kaplan and Princeton Review. 

While students in the past flocked to in-person tutoring, now online prep services have increasingly become the more popular way to study. Not only are they more convenient, but they have the potential to be more affordable, and offer perks you may not get with a traditional tutor.

But not every online test prep service is the best option, nor do all test prep services or courses offer preparation for the same test. For the high stakes GRE, for instance, there are fewer online prep options.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: Go with the better value and easier to use Magoosh plan hereIt’s over $100 cheaper, has a full 12 month acesss window, and is just easier to use and more effective for test prep.

The Main Differences Between GREedge vs Magoosh:

The main differences between GREedge vs Magoosh are:

  • GREedge only offers general information for free, whereas Magoosh offers a free mobile app and blog
  • GREedge offers many different plans as well as eCourses with online lectures, whereas Magoosh provides one and six-month plans.
  • GREedge has scarce customer reviews, whereas Magoosh is highly rated across many review platforms.
  • GREedge offers more targeted study, whereas Magoosh is more of an open access subscription.
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In this article, we’ll see how two leading companies–GREedge vs Magoosh fare when compared side by side for a number of key criteria. We’ll also cover your frequently asked questions, so you’ll know how to study smart.

Is GREedge or Magoosh the better way to prepare?

It’s easy to become inundated with different test prep options and become overwhelmed, especially when you’re trying to get the best score possible on a test which could truly make a difference in your education. But we’re going to see how GREedge vs Magoosh fare when compared on criteria that’s integral to your entire test preparation experience.

Without further ado, let’s see what each service has to offer–and which offers the most comprehensive value.

How does GREedge vs Magoosh generally work?

Before we dive into specific details, let’s examine the overall structure and platform of GREedge vs Magoosh, or essentially, the different ways you can study.

GREedge is a paid access platform, with flexibility of how you study

You can select from different access packages that unlock test prep that includes online facilitators, over 3,000 GRE questions, lessons, with progress monitoring, performance analyzation, and feedback so you know what sections to focus on. Though it’s self-paced, the plans are for certain amounts of time, rather than a completion of a certain amount of materials or a course.

Magoosh is also self-paced, with access unlocked to test questions and trackers

Access on both plans includes 250 lessons; 1200 questions; and full-length tests. You can navigate at your own pace, selecting your own lessons, practice tests, watch video lessons, and use the score predictor. Like GREedge, you’re also paying by a set duration of access time.

What plans does GREedge vs Magoosh offer, and what do they include?

When we look at subscription plans, keep in mind that we want to consider overall value. In other words, price point should be consider with respect to the services and features offered.

GREedge Packages

GREedge offers several different packages, with a quick quiz to help you decide the program for you. The quick quiz is worth taking, as it can assess your current needs background and skill level and point you to one of many programs. Without it, it can be overwhelming, considering how many plans are offered. You can select from Solo Packs; Combo Packs; E Class Packs; and Special Packs.

  • Solo Packs are intended for self-paced GRE study. These are among your best value unless you also happen to be studying or TOEFL at the same time.  Rapid GRE provides two-month access; Fast Track gives you one month access, and Focus GRE is a forty-five-day program. There’s also a fifteen-day access plan. Long Term plans range from three to nine months.
  • Combo Packs include the same features and plans, but combine both TOEFL and GRE Study.
  • eClass Packs provide online lecture courses. These are a bit different in that each targets a specific portion of the GRE. There are classes for Verbal and Quantitative, though there is also a general eClass. These are more like typical online classes and include live video lectures.
  • Special Packs are short term, targeted practice. Options range from fifteen days to two months.

Magoosh Packages

Magoosh is far simpler and offers just two options for the GRE study. Both plans are based upon online, self-paced study and more or less work the same way.  You can select from either a One Month Premium or Six Month Premium Plan, but both will come with the same features.

How much does Magoosh vs GREedge cost?


How much you pay for GREedge varies quite a bit, due to the myriad of plans, while Magoosh depends on how long you want online access.

Magoosh costs $130 for one month. Six months regularly cost $774, but currently costs $149 with a promotion. Of course, there’s no way of knowing how long the promotion will last for Magoosh, but as of the writing of this article, six months’ access offers all of the features as the one month plan, plus longer time to study.

GREedge prices in Indian rupees, so you’ll have to use a converter. Prices start at around $140 for a month access, or sixty dollars on promotion (Fast Track) for one month general study. A three month GRE/ TOEFL pack costs $330; while three month e-courses cost $420, or $315 on promotion.

What free features does GREedge vs Magoosh offer? 

Before we get into the paid content you’ll get with your plan or subscription, it’s also important to note that both Magoosh and GREedge offer a number of resources that are free, and can help supplement your studying.

GREedge offers many ways to get acquainted with the general structure of the GRE. One of their signature features is a series of nine short ‘chapters,’ which provide quick information about the general test; scores; making study plans; three main sections; and bonus tips. While it’s not a wealth of information, it does help you become acquainted.

  • Individual Prep Sections which provide information about the question types you’ll get.
  • Other Resources include information about GRE registration, test dates, and other blog articles.

Magoosh offers a free app, with useful study materials.

Far more expansive than the general information offered by GREedge are the resources offered via the free app for Magoosh. While it may not provide as extensive materials as a paid version, it’s one hundred percent free (though you can upgrade and unlock more content when you pay). Available on GooglePlay and Apple Store for Android and IOS, the app features the following:

  • Practice Math and Verbal Questions with Answers
  • Video Tutorial Lessons
  • Tips and Tricks Articles
  • Progress Tracker
  • Magoosh also offers a blog, with a multitude of helpful articles, tips, and general strategies.
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Why I Prefer Magoosh?

Magoosh offers more in depth material AND some super sexy analytics to track your learning progress. The interface is simple, intuitive and modern with a best in class mobile app. Why didn't I try this sooner!?

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With what resources do subscriptions come with?

In other words, what exactly do you get for the price? Let’s take a look.

Magoosh offers features both on your computer and through the app

Online study provides timed practice questions, video lessons, progress tracker, and live support. The app offers flashcards and the ability to play an opponent, in addition to all of the features offered through the free version.

You’ll also have access to a total of 250 lessons; 1200 questions; and full-length tests. Finally, the question also include explanative breakdowns, so you can understand patterns and your mistakes. Plus, you can bookmark questions you want to revisit.

GREedge offers different features depending on if you purchase regular access or an eCourse

With most of the packages, you’ll have an assessment of your current skills, followed by lessons and tests with targeted plans based upon your strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll have access to six quantitative and verbal tests; three full-length practice tests; advanced lessons; a vocabulary tool; and practice, as well as two professionals assigned to you.  eCourses provide online, live tutoring sessions; remedial lessons; and a flexible study plan a professional can help you to develop.

Who’s behind GREedge and Magoosh?


You also need to consider who’s behind the company to determine how reputable the service is.

GREedge provides a page of main staff, all of whom hold advanced degrees

The management team specializes in a number of categories, holds degrees from respected institutions, and some also have researched and published in related fields. There isn’t much information about the GRE “experts’ you’ll study, but perusing the Careers section reveals qualifications: advanced degrees; editing and instructional design experience; with leadership and experience preferred.

Magoosh is a larger team, but you can see profiles of their main staff, all of whom hold advanced degrees

Each staff member has an external link to a professional portfolio, and areas of expertise vary. There isn’t much specific information about tutors, though keep in mind Magoosh is more based on self-paced lessons.

What do customers have to say about GREedge and Magoosh?

magoosh 2

One difficulty is that Magoosh is an American business, while GREedge is based in India. Because of this, GREedge cannot be accredited through BBB, as Magoosh has been for eleven years, with an A-plus rating, so it can be hard to compare.

Magoosh holds almost 4.7 out of 5 stars based upon over two hundred ratings on TrustPilot

Eighty-nine percent of respondents gave the online service the highest rating possible, with just one percent the lowest rating possible, with a high lean towards positive ratings. The lowest rating was related not to the GRE, but the GMAT. For the most part, customers were quite pleased, with some reporting improvement.

GREedge is very hard to find any customer reviews on

Granted, this may be in part because it’s an Indian company and may be either less known or less used by American students, but the most ratings you can easily find it for its vocabulary related app, which scores quite well. However, for the service as a whole, it’s hard to find much.

Upon some investigation, one can uncover customer complaints. This is actually complaints from India, but students reported many concerns. Some related to discounts not being properly applied; lack of customer service response; inadequate lessons; and less than adequate instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions About GREedge vs Magoosh

What is a GRE test?

The GRE is a requirement for many graduate programs. There are some specific programs that may require you to take a subject GRE test, while a few disciplines also have an alternative, such as the GMAT.
The general GRE tests analytical, reading and writing skills and your score can impact your chances for admission, but also for assistantships and scholarships. It’s typically delivered by computer, except for remote locations, and is adaptive, meaning your performance on sections impacts the level of difficulty you’ll receive.

When can I take the GRE?

For most, you can take the GRE nearly any day of the year, excluding major holidays, because it’s computer-delivered. If you live in a location where you have to take a paper delivered exam, you can take it a few times in the year, normally offered most in the Fall and Spring. Keep in mind that although you may retake the GRE, you need to wait at least twenty-one days.

What is Magoosh?

Magoosh follows the same online test prep service model as GREedge, but is more generalized, offering study materials not only for GRE but also programs for countless other standardized tests, as well as online courses.

When it comes to Magoosh vs GREedge, there’s actually a clear winner: Magoosh. 

Bottom Line Summary: Go with the better value and easier to use Magoosh plan hereIt’s over $100 cheaper, has a full 12 month acesss window, and is just easier to use and more effective for test prep.

While on the surface, GREedge seems to offer many admirable resources, such as the online lectures, a pre-test, and guides for your studying, many of the features seem to be priced too high, too compartmentalized and not of the same value as with Magoosh.

Magoosh offers many of the features GREedge does together, whereas GREedge divides services among different packages. In addition, it appears Magoosh offers far more in the way of free resources and goes more in-depth for explanations.  Along with the large difference in customer perception, we recommend Magoosh for your GRE study over GREedge.

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Why I Prefer Magoosh?

Magoosh offers more in depth material AND some super sexy analytics to track your learning progress. The interface is simple, intuitive and modern with a best in class mobile app. Why didn't I try this sooner!?

Start with magoosh
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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