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Erin Jamieson

Erin Jamieson loves learning, but she's also a teacher.

Erin is a senior lecturer of English at Ohio State University and has also worked as a social media specialist. Her unique view on learning and teaching allows her to look at available courses and see which ones will provide the most value to the student.

Her own teaching style is very student-centered and focuses on active learning, so she understands how students learn and what a course needs to provide to make it helpful.

Erin's focus on continual development makes her the perfect person to recommend courses that provide the best results to students.

Best EdX Design Courses That Could Help Jumpstart Your Career

Something I’ve always been interested in is how technology impacts student learning. I’ve seen how tweaks in instructional design, and even web design, can make learning more accessible to more students. While design encompasses a wide range of disciplines- from fashion design to graphic thinking to design thinking, it’s a truly important field with the …

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Best EdX History Courses: Learn About the World Through the Past

In another life, my father would have been a history professor. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in History from Hanover College and was accepted into a Master’s program. Ultimately, he chose to pursue an MBA instead- but he did pass down his love of history to my brother and me. We grew up visiting historical …

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Best EdX Python Courses Guide

When my brother was studying engineering and later data analytics, the programming language was a must. But programming languages aren’t important just for a few fields. Whether you’re going into web programming, data science, or even related fields like finance, learning Python is an excellent way to expand your opportunities. Even better? Python is one …

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Best EdX ESL Courses Guide

One of my best experiences teaching has been in a developmental English course. International students and students who grew up speaking different dialects were eager to learn- and improved tremendously over the semester. I also know people who have gone to teach ESL students- and likewise have seen opportunities open up to those students. There …

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EdX vs LinkedIn Learning

I’ve seen firsthand how expensive courses can weigh students down. While I believe that attending in-person higher education classes has many benefits, they aren’t always the easiest places to explore new subjects. And for those who are juggling other responsibilities, free courses can be an excellent way to do just that.  I’m interested in how …

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