Best LinkedIn Learning Business Courses You Should Pursue Next

The landscape of the business world is changing rapidly as new technologies are utilized to facilitate internal processes. Attending some of the best LinkedIn Learning Business courses will bring you up to speed with the latest developments in this field.

All courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform fall into Business, Creative, or Technology categories. There are hundreds of individual courses on the platform that cover topics directly or indirectly related to business.

Go through our guide to finding the best online business courses if you need assistance navigating the options provided by different e-learning platforms. In this guide to the best LinkedIn Learning Business courses, we’re going to help you choose the course that best fits your current professional needs.

The 5 Best LinkedIn Learning Business Courses

Course Duration Level  Cost
Remote Work Foundations 1 hour Beginner Free – Monthly subscription
Entrepreneurship Foundations 1h 13minutes Beginner $22.00
Microsoft Teams Essential Training 2h 21 minutes Beginner/Intermediate Free – Monthly subscription
The Future of Performance Management 1h minutes Intermediate $34.00
Understanding Capital Markets 2h 37 minutes Beginner $40.00

The scope of business-related topics

The first thing you will notice when you start researching the business courses provided by the LinkedIn Learning platform is how broad is the spectrum of topics these courses cover.

At the moment, this e-learning platform has 15 business topic categories that are designed to help students narrow down their choices. For instance, the Digital Transformation category alone features more than 50 courses, 149 videos, and 7 learning paths.

Others, like the Human Resources category, contain nearly 220 courses and, over 3000 videos and 14 learning paths. Such an abundance of options can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Consequently, you’ll need to know which business-related topic you want to become more familiar with to find the course that will enable you to gain basic finance and accounting skills or improve your understanding of management and leadership.

Read our guide to the best LinkedIn Learning courses to find out more about the online learning opportunities this platform offers.

Polishing the soft skills

The need for constant development is accentuated by the evolving technologies and approaches that transform how companies conduct their business.

Only a few decades ago, computer literacy was regarded as a specialist skill, while today, it is nearly impossible to land a job in any industry without having basic computer literacy.

Hiring a specialist every time your company needs an employee with a specific skill set can turn out to be too much of a burden on the company’s budget.

Developing communication, conflict resolution, critical thinking, or time management skills might be a more affordable solution for the entire team. It will enable each member of that team to grow professionally.

The LinkedIn Learning platform offers several learning paths and a vast video library that contains materials that can assist individuals and organizations in the development of soft skills. Go through our guide to the best online bookkeeping courses if you want to learn more about accounting.

Strong leadership improves the team’s performance.

Expecting a newly hired employee to lead a team efficiently is often unrealistic regardless of how much experience a candidate might have.

Even though nearly 90% of companies understand that new leaders should be fostered within the organization, many of them fall into the trap of looking to hire instead of developing leaders.

Consequently, they lose some of their most talented workers as they choose to leave once they realize that their room for development is capped.

The Management and Leadership courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform help companies prepare their employees for managerial roles and retain their most valuable assets.

Platform’s Leadership and Management category contains over 800 courses, and 32 learning paths that are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. LinkedIn Learning can be a helpful resource to organizations that want to motivate their employees to work on their leadership skills.

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Following the latest trends in the business world

The business courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform are designed and led by seasoned professionals that are familiar with the latest business practices.

Attending these courses will enable you to modernize your market approach or find out about solutions that will make the organization’s recruitment process more efficient.

Moreover, the learning options presented by this platform are available to individuals who can use them to broaden their skillset and bring more value to their potential employers.

All business categories on this e-learning platform contain courses that are adjusted to students that have no previous knowledge of a particular topic.

That’s why LinkedIn Learning is one of the best online destinations for students who want to become customer service agents or develop a basic understanding of the performance management process.

After the completion of a course, you will receive a certificate that can assist you in proving that you possess the skills that will help modernize the organization.

Read our DataCamp vs Coursera comparison if you’re searching for an e-learning platform that issues certificates recognized by educational institutions.

Mastering the business software and tools

As we already mentioned, computer literacy is a prerequisite for landing a job in almost all companies regardless of its industry.

However, some organizations utilize particular software and tools to arrange data efficiently or make the communication between team members easier.

Besides offering courses that teach participants to use PowerPoint or Excel, the LinkedIn Learning platform hosts a huge number of courses that assist students in mastering Tableau or offer an overview of data visualization practices.

Either of these courses can be completed individually or attended as a part of a chosen learning path, and they enable you to gain the knowledge you need to get jobs that involve a high level of familiarity with particular software.

What’s more, organizations can utilize these courses to train their employees and improve their software proficiency. Go through our CBT Nuggets review if you want to upgrade your IT skills.

The advantages of attending LinkedIn Learning Business Courses

Short course duration

Most entry-level and intermediate courses on this platform are comprised of videos that last up to ten minutes, so the overall duration of a course is usually between one and three hours. Consequently, none of the LinkedIn Learning courses requires a high level of commitment.

Customized learning paths

The platform grants you access to a large number of learning paths that are designed to guide students through a particular topic and provide them with the information they need to understand it fully.

In addition, students can create their own learning paths, although only if they have access to the Admin functionality.

Lots of free content

You can use the LinkedIn Learning platform for free for a month, and after the trial period expires, you’ll have to opt for the annual or monthly subscription model. The platform lets you watch hundreds of hours of videos for free while its paid courses are moderately priced.

The Disadvantages of attending LinkedIn Learning Business Courses

Official educational institutions don’t recognize LinkedIn Learning certificates.

Before completing a course students have to take a test. Passing this test earns them a certificate they can print or upload to their LinkedIn profiles. However, these Linkedin Learning certificates aren’t accredited by educational institutions or software companies.

Factors worth considering while choosing a LinkedIn Learning Business Course

There are hundreds of business courses you can attend on the LinkedIn Learning platform, so finding the course that meets your expectations might not be easy.

The platform lets you use powerful search tools to narrow down your options, but these tools won’t be of much use if you’re unsure which course is the right choice for you. Let’s go through some of the factors that can help you determine if a LinkedIn Learning course meets your criteria.

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The topic’s relevance

As we already noted, LinkedIn Learning’s Business category contains a large number of topics, and each topic features ten or more individual courses. Besides knowing which business-related topic you’re interested in, you’ll also need to check the relevance of a particular course for what you want to learn.

The duration of a course

The majority of courses on the platform last between 1 and 3 hours, which means that they can be completed in a few days even if you dedicate a minimum amount of time to them. Learning paths might take up to five hours of video viewing time to complete.

Enrolment prerequisites

You won’t need any previous knowledge to start attending a beginner business course, but courses that are designed for intermediate and advanced students might require familiarity with a particular software or highly developed math skills.

Certification options

Students receive a LinkedIn Learning certificate after completing any of the platform’s courses, but for some courses, they can get additional certificates that are recognized by a partner organization.

That’s why you should check which certificates you’re going to get after completing a course before enrolling in it.


You can use the LinkedIn platform for free just for a month, and afterward, you must become a regular subscriber if you want to attend courses on this platform frequently. Choosing a monthly or annual subscription will grant you access to more than 16.000 learning courses.

Top 5 LinkedIn Learning Business Courses

Remote Work Foundations – Best for inexperienced online workers

The Internet and technology are transforming the way we think about workplaces, so taking the Remote Work Foundations course will help you recognize all the advantages of working away from the office.

Completing this course will enable you to maximize your efficiency and provide you with insight into cloud communication. It takes just one hour to go through all the videos included in this course, while the final test contains only six questions.

After you complete the course, you will receive the LinkedIn Learning Certificate and earn the CPE credits.


  • Students gain access to exercise files
  • Great networking options
  • Clearly defined learning objectives
  • Students can answer quiz questions after each chapter


  • The final test is too easy
  • Video lessons don’t last more than 4 minutes

Entrepreneurship Foundations – Best for owners of small businesses

There are 7 chapters in the Entrepreneurship Foundations course, and each of them covers the most important aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

During this course, you will learn how to draw motivation to start a new business, discover the importance of branding for a young startup and explore different funding options. The course also stresses the importance of an efficient recruitment process and shows you ways to grow your business.

You will earn the LinkedIn Learning certificate after going through 1 hour and 13 minutes of content included in this course.


  • The course instructor Kim Kaupe is the founder of a successful startup
  • Students cover fundamental principles of starting a new business
  • You can attend this course as a part of a learning path
  • Well-structured content


  • No in-depth coverage of the topic
  • It covers only basic marketing concepts

Microsoft Teams Essential Training – Best for inexperienced office workers

Enrolling in the Microsoft Teams Essential Training course will assist you in improving communication with your colleagues.

This course starts with a one-minute introduction, and then it takes you through the experience of using the full version of the software for businesses and compares it with the experience of using the free version of the software.

As you go through the content, you will learn how to join meetings, manage team groups and handle chats. You’ll also have the opportunity to join the LinkedIn Learning group dedicated to working with virtual collaboration tools where you can meet people who are interested in the same topic.


  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate level students
  • Covers all aspects of using Microsoft Teams
  • It helps students understand how collaboration tools work
  • The course can be completed in approximately two hours


  • It doesn’t include theoretical concepts of business communication
  • Other Microsoft’s collaboration tools are not mentioned in the course

The Future of Performance Management – Best for future-oriented team managers

The methods businesses employ to achieve their goals change with the conditions on the market and emerging technologies.

Attending the Future of Performance Management course will bring you up to date with the latest techniques companies use to set adaptive performance goals and fuel high performance.

You will also learn more about how Performative Management will evolve over the course of the next five to ten years. The knowledge you acquire through this course can help you modernize your company’s internal processes and boost the results individuals and teams are achieving.


  • Covers past and present Performance Management practices
  • Highlights the importance of dialogue for optimum results
  • It contains a lot of learning materials
  • The course is a part of the Become a Business Unit Manager learning path


  • The course can’t be attended for free
  • Only four-chapter. quizzes

Understanding Capital Markets – Best for understanding the basics of financial markets

Advanced knowledge of finance can be crucial for the development of your career, regardless of the industry you’re working in. The Understanding Capital Markets course is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to learn how stock, bonds, and other capital markets work.

Throughout this course, you will learn about major US or International markets and become more familiar with the process of setting up stock market accounts. The course covers the basics of stock and bond investing and shows you how to profit from these investments.


  • Excellent introductory course to capital markets
  • Educates students about the risks associated with these markets
  • Offers in-depth coverage of the stock and bond markets
  • Students choose how quickly they want to go through the content


  • The certification you receive after completing this course isn’t accredited
  • Students need to attend more courses to gather enough knowledge to start trading stocks.

Frequently asked questions about LinkedIn Learning Business courses

Question: Can I interact with the LinkedIn Learning course instructors?

Answer: Yes, you can. Every course contains the Q&A tab, where you can post questions in case you’re having trouble understanding the content.

Question: Do course certificates show up on my LinkedIn account automatically?

Answer: No, all certificates you earn by completing courses on this platform have to be added to your LinkedIn profile. However, this process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few clicks.

Question: Is the LinkedIn Learning Business course available only in English?

Answer: No, the platform lets you choose from several languages. At the moment, you can attend business courses in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

Question: How to enroll in a LinkedIn Learning Business course?

Answer: To gain access to the learning materials a specific course offers, you just have to click on it if you’re already a subscriber. In case you’re still on a trial period, you can access all content immediately if a course is free or after you make payment.

Our Verdict: How to find the best business courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform?

Education is the best way to drive a business forward because a skilled and motivated workforce will always discover a way to overcome hardship. The LinkedIn Learning platform allows organizations and businesses to gather the knowledge they can use to improve the company’s performance.

This e-learning platform features thousands of individual courses and hundreds of learning paths that cover almost any field of business you can think of.

We recommend attending the Remote Work Foundations course because a growing number of companies are moving away from the office-based work model.

The Future of Performance Management course might be interesting to anyone how wants to learn more about the concept of performance design. Which of the best LinkedIn Learning courses are you going to choose?

Let us know in the comments or continue reading our guide to the best digital marketing courses if you want to develop advertising skills and use them to promote a business. or learn more about the best Linkedin Learning:

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