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Bartleby vs Chegg – Which Is Best for Improvement?

Bartleby vs Chegg – Which Is Best for Improvement?
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Learning topics and improving skills is great, and it’s even better when you can be taught online, in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedules, and with an educational platform that is not available anywhere else but online. There are two online educational platforms that I am going to compare for your review and consideration that will help you decide whether you want to learn from them. The two platforms are Bartleby vs Chegg.

Main Differences Between Bartleby vs Chegg

The main differences between Bartleby vs Chegg are:

  • Bartleby does not provide discounts on textbooks, whereas Chegg provides 90% off
  • Bartleby has AI Citation Analysis, whereas Chegg does not
  • Bartleby has scored with proprietary paper scores and the readability analysis, whereas Chegg does not


  • Both are online educational platforms to help students excel in their academics
  • Both have tutors to help students 24/7
  • Both have plagiarism and grammar and spelling checkers

Bottom Line: Chegg is my platform of choice for textbook availability either hard copies or eBooks. Their prices are reasonable, tutors are on standby 24/7, textbooks are affordable and you can sell them back once you are finished with them, they have good customer reviews, and you can cancel anytime.

To help unveil any confusion between the two platforms, I have compiled the following comparisons for you to decide for yourself.


About Bartleby

Bartleby was founded in 1993, and its headquarters are in Los Angeles. The platform features online textbooks, Q&A services, essay writing tools, and tutoring.

Their platform’s designed to help students study by providing educational tools to help them search for homework solutions, textbooks solutions to difficult problems, 24/7 help from experts.

Bartleby Services

  • Bartleby learn

Provides services such as textbooks. Students are given access to Millions of textbooks with step-by-step homework solutions. This service package also includes 24/7 expert help in the subject they are studying plus a math solver provides answers and explanations on how the answers were arrived at.

  • Bartleby write

Helps students learn effective writing skills with essays and research papers. This service package includes a tool powered by (AI) artificial intelligence that helps identify plagiarism and grammar mistakes. Student essays are checked by a citation builder and help feature to help reduce errors and improve the content.

  • Bartleby+

Students can learn & write better with this service package. It is a combination of the Bartleby Learn tool & the Bartleby writing tools for which students get access to textbooks with step-by-Step homework solutions, 24/7 expert help, math solver explanations, writing skill help with AI identifying plagiaries and grammar, and citation builder.

  • Bartleby tutor –
  1. Get one-on-one live tutor help 24/7
  2. Seasons are available in 30,60 or 120-minute increments
  3. If you don’t use all your minutes, then you can roll them over into another session
  4. Personalized sessions for one-on-one real-time can be communicated via real-time messaging or audio

Bartleby Homework Subjects

Help is provided for the following subjects:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Language
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Science

Bartleby is designed and created for students to improve their knowledge bases and to close the gap with learning comprehension in certain subjects that they are struggling with. They include 4 service packages to help with students’ specific needs and wants.

Bartleby Learn

  • First 7 Days, 50% off $4.99
  • Monthly: $9.99
  • Unlimited access to textbook solutions
  • Unlimited access to Q&A library
  • 30 questions to ask per month

Bartleby Write

  • $9.99/ month
  • Includes: Plagiarism Sources, Advanced Plagiarism, Scoring, Paper Uploads,
  • Citation, Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling identification

Bartleby +

  • First 7 Days, 50% off $6.99
  • Monthly: $14.99
  • 24/7 study & writing help
  • Millions of step-by-step textbook solutions
  • Subject experts in 30+ subjects
  • Snap & solve equations with Math Solver
  • Scan for plagiarism across millions of sources
  • AI citation suggestion and building too
  • Connect with experts on the app

bartleby tutor

Bartleby: Tutoring

  • One-on-one 24/7 tutorials help
  • Experts will breakdown difficult subjects in ways that the student will understand
  • Pay as you go pricing, no contract or obligation is required to use this service.
  • Includes 15-minutes free session
  • Sessions are available in 30, 60, or 120-minute increments.

Bartleby: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
easy to use does not correct grammar error
homework help for all subjects no free trial period
study and writing help Questionable plagiarism checks
expert Q&A  

Bartleby: Mobile APP

  • Bartleby has a mobile APP for students to study on the go with iOS and Android
  • 24/7 Q&A homework help with a 30-minute response
  • Search step-by-step solutions from real-life textbook questions in dozens of subjects
  • Receive push notifications when an expert responds to your question

Bartleby: Support

  • Bartleby Contact Us form
  • You can fill out an online form based on a product or general questions, and a reason type
  • They will email directly to your email address with an answer.

Bartleby: Writing

If you need help with a writing assignment, you can fill out a Contact Form online and they will send you an email with a response

Bartleby: Reviews

  • 4.6 out of 5
  • 76% of customers find Bartleby Excellent
  • 10% of customers had a bad experience
  • Overall Bartleby is rated “Excellent”


About Chegg

Chegg is located in California and is an online educational platform that was founded in 2005. It’s designed to help students virtually when they are struggling with subjects in school. Their platform is to help students improve their learning skills. The platform provides textbooks in physical and digital form, online tutoring, or students. It provides students with 90% discounted textbooks of which they can rent, buy, and sell back when they are finished with them.

Chegg includes a variety of educational help and tools for students and educators. With the help of Q&A, 24/7 tutoring, step-by-step textbook solutions.

Chegg offers its students, Expert Q&A, Textbook Solutions to difficult questions, eBooks, 24/7 study help, tutoring, proofreading, citations, math solver, plagiarism checks, and grammar mistakes.

Chegg: Study Packages Include

Chegg Study includes a Math Solver, Writing, and Tutors for Math

  • Chegg Math Solver – includes answers to problematic questions and step-by-Step explanations that are broken down into digestible pieces for students to understand.
  • Chegg Writing – students can submit citations and received expert responses and receive a review of errors for plagiarism and grammar. Experts proofread written essays too.
  • Chegg Tutors for Math – when students struggle with math homework, they can ask a tutor for help. Cheggs tutors are available 24/7 for help to help students understand the subject.

Chegg: Course Subjects

Chegg’s subjects are basically the ones that the school system teaches, so students can easily focus on the subject and topic that they are struggling with. Subjects and topics covered with Chegg are:

  • Biology

Biochemistry, Evolutionary Biology, Immunology, Cell Biology, nutrition, General Biology, Zoology

  • Business

Finance, Economics, Accounting, Operations Management

  • Engineering

Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering

  • Math

Algebra, Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Advanced Math, Other Math, Geometry, Trigonometry, Prue-algebra, Pru-calculus

  • Science

Physics, Chemistry

Chegg: Textbooks

Textbooks can be expensive and that is why Chegg has a program to help students that not only struggle with their academics but they also help students financially with a textbook pricing offer of 90% off and a return program of which students can return their textbooks with free shipping once they are finished with them and get paid for the textbook (s) they returned.

Textbooks include:

  • Assortment of 9,000 textbooks
  • Textbook rentals or purchases include a 90% discount
  • Chegg Study Package purchase includes a 4-week free trial when you purchase a textbook
  • Rent/Buy – 21-day refund on returns

Chegg: eBooks

Students get to choose eBooks from an assortment of over 400,000 for a $6.99/month
To help them study on the go or anywhere. Features include search capabilities and color-coded highlighters.
EBooks Pricing: 7-day free trial
Note: if you buy a textbook and can’t wait to study, you can try the eBooks free trial for 7-days before your actual textbook arrives.

Chegg: eBooks Subjects

Art, Business & Economics, History, Language Arts & Disciplines, Law, Literary Collections, Mathematics, Medical, Political Science, Psychology, Reference Science, Social Science, Technology & Engineering

Chegg: Pricing

EBooks: $6.99 / month and 14-day refund guarantee, plus 7-day free trial

Study Tasks

Homework Help

  • 24/7 help for a tough assignment from an expert|
  • Step-by-step problem-solving explanations with textbook solutions, math solver, and Q&A
  • Topics are broken down into videos
  • Chegg Study Subscription $14.95 USD/ month; $18.95 CAD / month, cancel anytime.

Understand Topic

Complicated topics are broken down into explainable pieces with the help of video explanations, illustrations, definitions, and more
$14.95 USD/ month; $18.95 CAD/ month

chegg homework

Chegg: Writing & Citation

  • Proofreading from experts within 48 hours.
  • Submit up to 30 papers/month, up to 3,000 words for each submission
  • 3-day free trial
  • Plagiarism & Grammar Checks for errors
  • Citations in MLA, APA, Chicago & More
  • $9.95 US/ Month; $12.62 CAD/ month

Bartleby: Exam Prep

  • Expert practice tests for upcoming exams
  • Textbook Solutions: Learn with millions of explained homework solutions
  • Expert Q&A: Ask up to 20 questions/month to experts for help
  • Writing help: Catch plagiarism errors, and have experts proofread your paper
  • Math solver: Use our graphing calculator for instant math help
  • Premium flashcards: Find over 500 million flashcards made by students and experts
  • Video explanations: Try a visual way of learning hard concepts
  • Chegg Study Pack $19.95/ month; $24.95 CAD/ Month

A Chegg Service: Bootcamp with Thinkful

This is a program to help students with their careers. Successful applicants will pay $0 in tuition until they are hired into a qualifying position. They also receive personal mentorship from experts in the industry, and 6-months of coaching.
It comes with a free intro course.

Tech Tuition and Refund…

Chegg feels confident enough that tech graduates will get hired into a qualifying position within 6-month of graduation or they get their money back. They claim 81% of students get hired in 180-days with a $17K average salary increase.

Their Programs comprise:

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • UX/ UI Design
  • Technical Project Management
  • Digital Marketing

Chegg: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
easy to use customer service responses
affordable No practice problem exercises
eBooks downloads, and rent, buy and sell textbooks  

Chegg: Mobile APP

Chegg’s mobile APP helps students to get unstuck on homework problems on the go. The APP provides step-by-step textbook solutions. Plus you can take a snapshot of a math problem and send it to an expert who will respond with an answer and explanation on how it was arrived at. The APP allows you to download an eReader so students can have access to eBooks while they are on the go.

Chegg: Customer Support

  • Phone 1-855-477-0177
  • Text: 1-408-351-0942 – message and data rates may apply

Chegg: Reviews

  • 4.0 star out of 5
  • 62% of customers find Chegg Excellent
  • 20% of customers had a bad experience
  • Overall Chegg is rated “Great”

Chegg & Bartleby Alternates

  • Course Hero: An online learning platform that teaches course-specific topics. Full Chegg vs Course Hero Comparison Here.
  • Quizlet: An online educational platform that provides a tool for successful learning.
  • Varsity Tutors: Provides one-on-one tutoring and group tutoring.
  • Khan Academy: Free online learning platform that helps students and teachers.

Bartleby: FAQ

Question: What subjects does Bartleby tutor?

Answer: Bartleby tutors currently provide help with business, math, science, and physics on the following topics:
Business: Introductory: Accounting, Economics, and Finance. As well as, Management, Engineering and Computer Science: C++, Java, Python.
Math: Algebra and Algebra II, Calculus and Calculus BC, Mathematics: Discrete & Finite, Geometry, Intermediate Statistics, Multivariable Calculus & Pre Calculus, Statistics, and Trigonometry
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry,
Physics: Algebra & Calculus Based

Question: How do I access Bartleby textbooks?

Answer: All you need to do is subscribe to Bartleby. Once done, then you get instant access to an entire library of textbooks. If there is a specific book you are looking for, simply search by title, author, or ISBN number to locate it.

Question: Can I still access the Bartleby site after I have canceled my subscription?

Answer: Yes, but only if there is time left in your term. For example, if you were billed on the 15th and you cancel your subscription on the 20th, then you will have access to your subscription until the 15th of the following month. After which, you will have limited access to your content.

Question: How Long can Textbook Rentals last?

Answer: When you rent Chegg textbooks, you have access to them for the time of quarter and the semester. You can extend your rentals for free by contacting Chegg before the due date.

Question: Does it cost me to return textbooks?

Answer: No, all textbooks can be returned for free, providing that you use the return shipping label that is located in your Chegg account. Chegg also provides a 21-day refund guarantee.

Question: Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel anytime. Students will have their subscription access until the next billing date.
Monthly subscribers can pause their accounts anytime. Be sure to read their terms and conditions before doing so.

Free Trials will roll into a monthly paid subscription, so if you want to cancel, then cancel the free trial before billing begins…. or you will be charged.


For any student that is struggling with subjects in school and needs to improve their understanding so they get better grades, then these platforms can certainly help. Knowing that you can have access to a tutor 24/7 and textbooks with step-by-step solutions can help bridge the gap from the lack of understanding to a full understanding.

Nothing feels better when the lightbulb goes on in your head and the problem that you struggled with is completely understandable. Improvements in grades are also a great feeling of accomplishment.

Not everyone learns the same way and sometimes teachers don’t have the skills or time to teach a child a different way if they are struggling. Therefore, getting help online with experts at home or on a lunch break is a convenient option to help students excel anytime, anywhere.

Both Bartleby and Chegg offer online learning opportunities for students that struggle with school subjects. They provide resources to help students understand how to arrive at answers to complicated questions and they both have tutors available 24/7.

I feel Chegg is a better offer for students that not only struggle with learning but also struggle financially because Chegg offers heavily discounted textbooks with the option of the student to sell the textbook back to them with free returns. They also will not charge tuition until you land a job in the field you are studying.

It’s really up to the student what platform feels right with them. The good thing is, is that you are not obligated to stay with them. If it isn’t working out for you, then you can cancel anytime.