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360 Training Review: Everything You Need to Know

360 Training Review: Everything You Need to Know

Knowledge has never been more accessible to those willing to learn, as there are so many online learning platforms that enable us to acquire new skills or improve those we already have. In this 360 Training review, we’re going to look at how this e-learning platform can help you develop professionally.

The 360 Training platform doesn’t offer coding or language courses – You should go through our guides to find the best online coding courses and language courses if you want to learn programming or a natural language.

In fact, the courses you can find at the 360 Online Training platform span over just a handful of industries, which makes it a niche option for students who want to start a career in real estate or obtain environmental health and safety certifications.

This 360 Training review will provide you with an overview of the courses you can find on this platform and help you understand if it is the right choice for you.

Key specifications of the 360 Training e-learning platform

Types of courses Pre-license, prep, and continuing education
Industries Food & Beverage, Real Estate, Environmental Safety & Health, Insurance…
Learning opportunities for businesses Yes
State availability Depends on the course
Teaching staff None
Customer support 24/7
Course Language English, Spanish
Latest price Check latest prices here

Core features of the 360 Training e-Learning platform

Becoming a food handler or a real estate professional is impossible without the necessary certifications. The 360 Online Training e-learning platform has more than 20 years of experience providing individuals and organizations with regulatory-approved education.

This online learning platform was founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas, and it currently has more than 4 million users. Unlike so many e-learning schools that offer courses from a broad range of fields, 360 Training is focused on providing educational content and certifications for only several industries.

Even so, students can choose from a portfolio, which includes more than 6000 courses full of 360 Training reviews that help them get the necessary training to start a career in a field they choose. It is worth adding that the platform allows students to prepare for state exams they have to pass to get a job in a particular field.

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Course range

360 Online Training

The majority of courses you can find at on 360 Online Training is divided into the following categories:

Besides these categories, the 306 Training platform offers courses from industries such as:

You can also use this online platform to develop industrial or power & utilities skills. Each of these categories contains a number of subcategories that enable you to find a course that is best suited to your needs.

So for instance, the Food & Beverage category contains these subcategories:

  • Alcohol
  • Food Delivery
  • Food Handler
  • Food Manager
  • Cannabis
  • Food Allergy

On the other hand, the Real Estate course category features the following subcategories.

  • Pre-license
  • Exam prep
  • Post-license
  • Continuing Education

You should keep in mind that the courses in each of these subcategories are organized by state, and you must click on a particular state to view all available courses. The 360 Training also offers courses that are designed for businesses and organizations within specific industries.

The teaching techniques

360 Online Training for Business

Each course consists of a number of video lessons you have to watch to complete the entire course. The platform also offers course packages that can include several individual courses or a single course and an exam.

The course’s content becomes available to a student as soon as the enrollment process is completed, and it remains accessible at all times for the duration of the course.

The platform remembers your progress and allows you to view content from different devices so that you can learn from home or on the go. Students don’t work with tutors directly but rather self-pace through the syllabus and decide how and when they’re going to study.

You won’t have the opportunity to communicate or collaborate with other 360 Training’s students because the platform doesn’t offer conventional classes. Go through our guide to the best Udacity Nanodegree courses if you don’t like the education model offered by the 360 Training platform.

Course duration and certifications

How long a course is going to last depends on the course you choose, since this e-learning platform offers courses that can last anywhere between 20 minutes and several weeks.

All courses you can find on this platform are state recognized, and once you complete them, you’ll become eligible to take state-specific exams.

This is particularly important for individuals who want to start a career in real estate as it enables them to take a pre-license course that helps them obtain enough education hours to take the real estate license exam.

Moreover, the platform’s Learn2Serve program enables the students to obtain food and drink certifications that make them eligible to work in bars and restaurants in different states. The Environmental Health and Safety courses comply with OSHA, M385, Hazpower, and MSHA standards.

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Customer support

All students can get in touch with customer support via chat or phone if they experience technical difficulties or have problems signing up for a course. The platform’s customer support is available between 7 AM and 10 PM (CST) on workdays and between 8 AM and 8 PM (CST) on weekends.

Customer support only offers assistance with technical issues, and you will have to raise a ticket if you want to get in touch with a tutor. Tutors usually reply within 48 hours after you asked a question related to the topic you’re studying.

Students don’t collaborate with instructors during the course or attend lectures held by instructors since all lessons are in the video format.

The platform features a large knowledge base library that contains the information that can help students choose a course or learn more about certification requirements in different states.

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Content availability

360 Training Support

Each state has a different property, food, or alcohol regulations, which means that the information you need to know to obtain a license isn’t the same, even for two neighboring states.

That’s why all courses you can find at the 360 Training platform are state-specific because they are designed to help students obtain a real estate or food safety certification in a particular state.

The platform’s courses aren’t available in all states, and you must check which courses within a subcategory you chose are available in your state. For example, 360 Training offers real estate pre-license courses in just 9 states, but its exam prep courses are available in all 50 states.

It is worth noting that the learning content from the Food & Beverage category is available for a larger number of states than the content from other categories. So, you can attend the courses from the Alcohol or Food Manager subcategories regardless of the state you live in.

Business learning solutions

The 360 Training offers learning solutions for both individuals and businesses, and it works with construction companies, restaurants, or real estate agencies to bring their personnel up to date with current laws and regulations within a particular industry.

The range of industries the e-learning platform’s courses cover is the same for organizations and individuals, which makes them only suitable for a limited number of businesses.

Despite this, more than 4000 businesses are training their employees through this online learning platform. The 360 Training has issued more than 485,000 certifications which makes it the largest online OSHA course platform in the United States.

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Course costs and warranties

When compared to the pricing on other online learning platforms, the cost of the courses you can attend at the 360 Training is usually lower. The exact price you’ll have to pay for a course depends on its duration and a number of other factors, but some courses can be purchased for less than $10.

The course packages on this e-learning platform are more expensive than single courses, but you won’t have to spend more than a few hundred dollars on any of the available packages. The 360 Training platform offers a money-back guarantee for some of its courses, but only under certain conditions.

In case you failed to pass a licensing exam more than three times, you should be eligible for a refund. This e-learning platform doesn’t offer warranties that students will pass an exam or get a job after completion of a pre-license or exam prep course.

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The pros of the 360 Training e-learning platform

The largest online OSHA course provider

The Environmental Health and Safety courses you can find at the 360 Training can help you acquire DOL OSHA cards. These courses help you get better acquainted with OSHA regulations and show you how to implement them in your work environment.

Helps students prepare for the real estate license exam

The next step you need to take after completing a real estate pre-license course is to prepare for the real estate license exam. The 360 Training platform offers prep exam courses for all states so that you can get enough practice before taking the exam.

The Learn2Serve program helps students get alcohol and food certifications

This program contains hundreds of courses that bring students up to date with safety regulations in different states.

You can enroll in courses within this program that help you become a food and alcohol handler or enable you to complete the TABC certification training you need to become an authorized alcohol seller.

Self-paced courses

All learning materials are pre-recorded to enable the students to choose how quickly they want to move through the syllabus. Also, all courses are accessible from different devices, so you don’t necessarily need access to a computer to progress through the course.

The platform memorizes your progress and lets you continue where you left off every time you open a course.

Affordable pricing

You can enroll in a single 360 Training course for less than $10, while even the courses that take several weeks to complete cost less than $300.

The e-learning platform offers its courses and packages at discounted prices frequently, which enables you to spend even less money if you choose the right time to enroll in a course.

The cons of the 360 Training e-learning platform

Limited learning opportunities

The courses are available at the 360 Training e-learning platform cover subjects related to a limited number of industries. So, if you want to become a real estate photographer or learn the basics of bookkeeping, you need to search for courses on other platforms.

Instructors do not lead courses.

The only way a student can interact with an instructor is by raising a ticket with a problem he or she encountered during the course. Consequently, students don’t receive guidance or advice from tutors, and they have to go through the learning materials alone.

The best alternatives to the 360 Training e-learning platform

As a niche e-learning platform, 360 Training is a suitable solution for individuals seeking real estate, insurance, or food & beverage certifications. However, there are plenty of alternative online education options for each industry covered by the courses you can find at the 360 Training platform.

We’ve shortlisted some of the best alternatives to the 360 Training e-learning platform, so let’s take a look at what they can offer.



The broad spectrum of courses Coursera offers spans from arts and humanities to nutrition. This online learning platform doesn’t feature real estate pre-license courses or exam prep courses.

In fact, Coursera isn’t the right place for you if you want to obtain a license to handle food or sell alcohol, but it is an excellent solution for students who want to learn more about business, HR, or real estate technology.

Paid courses on Coursera are significantly more expensive than those offered by 360 Training, but Coursera offers a huge amount of courses that are developed by different universities for free.

Check out our Coursera vs Udacity comparison to find out which of these e-learning platforms is better.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

As its name indicates, the Real Estate Express is an online real estate school that helps individuals obtain certificates they need to work in this industry. So, besides the pre-license and exam prep courses, this online learning platform doesn’t have much else to offer.

The platform can help you renew and maintain your real estate agent license as well as help you obtain a brokerage license. Real Estate Express provides excellent continuing education options that are available in almost all states.

However, upgrading licenses through this platform is only possible in states like California, New York, or Texas.



The courses on the Mbition platform are divided into Real Estate, Appraisal, and Home Inspection categories. The real estate pre-license courses are available for all states and you can choose between a wide variety of individual courses and packages.

The platform offers the Pass the First Time guarantee for some of its packages, but this option might not be available for individual courses. Besides starting a career in real estate, you can use Mbition to become a professional home appraiser or get a brokerage license.

Remember that even an individual real estate pre-license course can cost several hundred dollars, while an exam prep course might cost you around a hundred dollars.

Frequently asked questions about the 360 Training e-learning platform

Question: Do I have to complete a course at the 360 Training as soon as I buy it?

Answer: You don’t have to start the course you bought at the 360 Training platform immediately because you have an entire year to complete it. After that time, the course will expire, and you’ll have to purchase it again.

Question: What is the Learn2Serve program?

Answer: The Learn2Serve is a training program developed by the 360 Training platform aimed at people who work in the hospitality industry. It contains courses that prepare students for license exams they need to handle and deliver food or serve drinks.

Question: Are all information in 360 Training courses accurate?

Answer: The platform updates the content of its courses regularly, so the 360 Training platform does its best to ensure all information is up-to-date and accurate.

Question: How good are 360 Training’s Business Skills courses?

Answer: Business Skills courses at 360 Training e-learning platform can be a good introduction to some of the most important topics in this field, but they don’t offer in-depth coverage of its subjects.

Our Verdict: Who should attend online courses at the 360 Training e-learning platform?

Preparing for a licensing exam or completing an accredited course can put you a step closer to achieving your goal.

The 360 Training e-learning platform provides more than 6000 thousand courses that are designed to help students get their DOL cards or real estate licenses. In addition, this online learning platform can assist you in obtaining the credentials you need to run or work at a bar or a restaurant.

This e-learning platform provides individuals and businesses with an opportunity to polish their skills or learn new ones, but only if they work in real estate, hospitality, or occupational health and safety industries.

We recommend choosing a course from Coursera if you want to learn more about the different aspects of business or human resources.

Was this 360 Training review useful? Let us know in the comments or continue reading our Skillshare vs Treehouse comparison if you can’t find the course you’re looking for at the 360 Training.