Edureka Review: Is This a Worthy MOOC Platform?

Edureka Review

Even before the pandemic, massive open online platforms like Edureka were on the rise. The ability to learn anywhere, without admissions standards, at your own pace promised many the opportunity to learn in-demand skills– without the obstacles posed by higher education. But in review, is Edureka the best way to learn?

Open massive online courses are here to stay– and Edureka has been named one of the top players, alongside competitors like Coursera, edX, and Pluralsight. All companies are expected to continue to grow as we head into the next few years. 

While these companies experienced “moderate growth” from 2015 to 2020, AMA Research projects they will grow at over a 40 percent CABR rate from 2021 to 2026. Encouraging mass participation, student interaction, and learning for all, it’s little surprise that Edureka stands to benefit even more than previous years. 

Notably cheaper and more accessible than pursuing a professional certificate or a traditional 2 or four-year degree, Edureka stands out as one of the most promising platforms— but is it?

In this review, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of opening massive online platforms like Edureka. I’ll cover the basics of Edureka, from who they are to the cost of their courses, the type of courses offered, and the learning experience you can expect.

All of this can help you answer the question: is Edureka your next step to learning or something you should skip? 

What is an Open Mass Online Course?

Before I get into my review, I want to discuss what platforms like Edureka are. Going in with realistic expectations will help you have the best experience possible and guide you to the best options for you. 

Edureka offers an open massive online course, also referred to as MOOC. MOOCs are available online to anyone who wants to take them. Though some courses may be in sequence and recommend prerequisite courses or knowledge, there are no formal education requirements.

There are no admission requirements either– appealing to those who feel their educational past bars them from learning opportunities. These courses are almost always self-paced as well, appealing to full-time workers, students, and parents alike. 

What is the Best Feature of Massive Open Online Courses?

Massive open online courses like Edureka are popular for a reason. You can take them at your own pace– reducing both scheduling anxiety and stress from those who want to spend more time in a lesson.

Without admission standards, you’re freed up to learn for the sake of learning or skills you feel will help your career. Online courses are excellent choices for self-motivated individuals who don’t have time or ability to travel, have safety or health concerns, and can only squeeze in learning in increments. 

The final best feature of massive online learning through platforms like Edureka is affordability. Even the most expensive MOOCs are cheaper than most other ways of learning, and many allow you to pay monthly, offer scholarships and/or payment plans. 

What is the Main Disadvantage of MOOCs?

Even the best MOOCs have downsides. The first disadvantage is simply online learning. I’ve taught both face-to-face and online courses and know firsthand that there are pros and cons. Some simply don’t learn as well online.

Even interactive learning, such as discussion forums and online communities, doesn’t fully substitute for the connections you make in person.

Online learning can be isolating, and for those who thrive from learning and working with others, there just aren’t abundant opportunities to do so. You’ll also need to be organized and self-motivated to log in and consistently learn. 

There’s also the issue of outcomes. While no degree guarantees a job, MOOCs are not regarded with the same weight. Depending on your goals and expectations, that may be a notable disadvantage– for others, it fits their learning goals. 

However, some MOOC platforms, such as Edureka, mix in courses offered in partnership with accredited universities. 

What is a MOOC Certificate Worth?

Most MOOCs will offer a certificate. This certificate isn’t accredited but rather a certificate of completion. While this provides proof of you completing modules, it’s not equivalent to a transcript. It’s worthwhile in the sense that it proves you’ve undergone training– but it’s not a substitute for a job application that asks for a degree.

Thus, while not worthless, a MOOC certificate won’t provide the same credentials as you’d receive from an accredited college or university. Accreditation ensures that certain educational standards are met and that your learning will be recognized as reputable. 

Can I Put a MOOC on My CV?

The good news? If you’re taking a MOOC from Edureka to boost your chances of getting a job, you can put it on your resume or CV. Don’t place it under your education, but a separate section. When I took courses for my former job as a social media manager, I listed them under a general training section.

Clearly label your training– both the courses and a platform. It might be a good idea to make a few bullet points or jot down a brief description of the coursework or curriculum.

This is helpful as not all employers may be aware of the type of content you learned. By doing so, you’re transparent about what you learned and also showcase experiences and skillsets. 

See courses from Edureka as a stepping stone– either for future education or as a supplement to skills and education you already have.

While there’s no guarantee that MOOCs will help you land a job, they can if you handle your CV and resume well. However, Edureka does offer a few courses that are accredited through universities. For these, you could list them as regular education courses. 

Edureka: Great Place to Learn or Waste of Time?

Edureka: Great Place to Learn or Waste of Time?

Edureka is one of the leading platforms offering flexible massive online learning courses. The Edureka edge is said to include live instructors for resolution issues, unlimited access, learning assistants, and the ability to track your career progress. It’s marketed not only to students but also to companies looking for time and cost-effective solutions for training. 

What Does the Edureka Company Do?

Edureka offers training and open-source online courses for both individuals and companies. Its coursework is invested in the areas of data management, IT, programming, and related tech fields.

By offering both individual and corporate training opportunities, Edureka carves itself out as a platform focused on teaching in-demand skills. They offer certificate courses, master courses, webinars, community platforms, and a blog. 

They also are unique in that they offer certifications from accredited universities, and they offer live classes. There are flexible weekend schedules, but these classes are live sessions– providing more of a traditional experience compared to many other platforms. 

Who is the Owner of Edureka?

Lovleen Bhatia is the current CEO and co-founder of Edureka. Based upon their LinkedIn profile, Bhatia also currently serves as the co-founder and director at Brain4ce Education Solutions (and has for a decade). They attended the Indian Institute of Technology at Banaras Hindu University for electrical engineering. 

How Did Edureka Start?

Edureka began as a startup pilot project at ABES Engineering College (Ghaziabad) in 2011. Bhatia worked with college students and recent graduates. Their goal was to provide workshops and training programs for tech fields.  

How Many People Use Edureka?

Edureka is one of the most popular open-source platforms today. While it’s difficult to know exact numbers, it’s become India’s fastest-growing online learning platform and is also popular in the United States.

There are an estimated 400,000 students enrolled–though it’s unclear if that figure is limited to active users. All told, it’s a well-tested platform that’s been used by many around the world. 

How Much Does Edureka Cost?

How Much Does Edureka Cost?

Pricing varies depending on the type, of course, you’re taking. Regular certification courses cost $449 or $499 on promotion. The master courses vary in price.

Regular pricing for a master’s course ranges from an average of $2,500 to $3,500  or $1200 to $1700 on promotional bundles. Each course will tell you exact fees when you look at the overview. 

For accredited courses, you may pay extra fees for exams and certifications. 

Does Edureka Provide Financial Aid?

Edureka occasionally offers scholarships, but these are not common. They offer payment plans, but nothing robust in terms of financial aid. 

Does Edureka Offer Refunds?

All courses come with a 3-day refund guarantee. Thus, once you enroll in a course, you’re eligible for a refund for up to 3 days without penalty. However, PG Programs and Advanced Certification in Cloud Computing are not eligible for refunds. They can also refuse a refund for any of the following reasons:

  • You’ve watched more than two class recordings
  • You’ve downloaded content from Eureka
  • Eureka determines that you’ve violated the company’s policies (creating a false identity, using the platform for harassment, restricting other’s use, taking creative work for your use, gaining access to other accounts, posting viruses or other malware, interfering with networks, violating any federal state or local laws, and assisting anyone in violating any of these policies)

How Do I Cancel my Edureka Course?

To cancel a course, log on to your account and request a support ticket. Note that if you’re not within the parameters of the refund policy, your account will be deactivated, but you won’t be given a refund. 

What Are Edureka Products?

What Are Edureka Products?

Products is another name for the courses Edureka offers. You can take certification courses or master’s courses, and both offer content in IT, data, web technology, engineering, and related fields.

You can sort by subject matter, course type, or browse trending courses at the bottom of Edureka’s home page. They also offer AWS certifications and accredited certifications through universities. Courses are organized by both subject and course type. 

See All Edureka Courses Here

Certification Courses

These are the cheapest courses and also the shorter ones. Certification courses feature 24/7 support, lifetime access, and live classes. These are weekend and weekday courses offered, and the courses average 20-40 hours. 

Certification courses include DevOps, AWS Solution Architect, Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce, Tableau, PMP, Selenium, Java, Python, Google Cloud, Data Science, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, Cyber Security, RPA, and countless others. 

These courses are a good place to start if you want to learn specific, niche topics and cover the basics. I’d recommend starting here, as you’ll get a taste of Edureka’s unique learning platform without spending so much money and time upfront. 

Role-Based Course Combos (Masters)

These are essentially combination course packs that provide 80-150 hours of coursework. These courses bundle together related content and come with 4-5 certificates and your choice of live weekend or weekday classes.

This is essentially a way to save money vs taking several separate certification courses. Also referred to as master’s courses, these take an average of 9 months and are perhaps what Edureka is most known for. 

Masters course bundles include the Cloud Architect Program, DevOps Engineer Program, Data Science Program, MS Azure Cloud Program, Full Stack Developer Program, Business Intelligence Program, Automation Testing Program, Big Data Architect Program, Python Developer Program, Machine Learning Program, Data Analytics Program, RPA Developer’s Program, and the Web Developer Program.

These are a good option if you feel confident about Edureka and have to discipline for several courses in a row. They’re designed to point you to a guided learning path by bundling courses together in a nuanced way. 

University Programs

These courses are a bit different. These courses do offer certificates through universities– which makes them a bit more compelling for someone looking for employment credentials.

Purdue University is a well-respected institution in Indiana (and the home to Owl Purdue). However, just one is offered from Purdue University. Others are largely offered through the E & ICT Academy NIT Warangal, which is an online-only- education. So this is not the equivalent of Purdue University and slightly misleading in the Thai category. 

The course offered through Purdue University is the Prost Graduate Program DevOps. This course, and others, are the most extensive, with an average of 400 hours of coursework required. You must also be an undergraduate degree holder, though there are no specific requirements as to what kind of degree.

Unique to other courses, you must apply– this is not an entirely open source enrollment program. Fees are unique to each program and can be found on each program’s page. 

What’s Learning Like Through Edureka?

What's Learning Like Through Edureka?

Edureka is unique in the world of (mostly) open-source courses. While many platforms offer self-paced courses, Edureka has you sign up for a period where you attend live courses.

The benefit of this is that you get a more immersive experience and a more personalized one. It’s not as flexible for schedules, though they do offer both weekday and weekend enrollment. 

Most courses offer not one but many projects to apply your skills and knowledge. Other features include access to case studies, hand on accounts and activities, and examinations. Every course unlocks lifetime access to materials, as well as several career service opportunities. 

Edureka combines traditional and open access models for a flexible way to learn, with clearly organized units and modules. It’s a nice balance between fully self-paced and traditional learning, though, of course, it won’t suit everyone. 

What Career Services Does Edureka Offer? 

What Career Services Does Edureka Offer? 

Edureka has a Career Assistances Services Department. Through this, Edureka “career guidance & adding to the students’ endeavors in forming their business ways” for all students who have completed coursework or have are currently enrolled:

  • Live career webinar within the first month of enrollment. 
  • Additional monthly webinars led by industry specialists
  • Profile building assistance in month four
  • Optional one-on-one mock interview sessions and tips in months 7 and 8
  • Internship and hackathon options in month 9 

Keep in mind these are tied to 9-month courses, so to have access to these services, you must enroll and complete a 9-month course. 

Is an Edureka Internship Good?

There are no promises that Edureka will offer you an internship– only potential opportunities. However, review sessions are mostly praised, as are the other career services. You’ll also have lifetime access to materials– which is different from other learning platforms. 

Does Edureka Provide Placement?

Edureka offers interview questions and career resources to improve your placement chances. Many courses come with interview guidance. Their PGP course for Digital Marketing purportedly has a high placement rate. 

What Do Other Customers Think About Edureka?

What Do Other Customers Think About Edureka?

Edureka enjoys fairly high customer reviews. On TrustPilot, it holds an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based upon over 2,000 reviews.

Of these, 81 percent of customers awarded the platform the best (5 out of 5 stars), and this site is not an anomaly. 13 percent awarded the platform a 4 out of 5, and around 4 percent did rate it as low as possible.

The complaints did include some rating mistakes (meant for a higher rating, as evidenced by the review), one or two instances of cancellation issues– with little concrete details, and some contended that the information was outdated. For the most part, there were no true red flags or consistent concerning trends for the complaints. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Edureka Recognized?

Answer: Edureka offers certificates upon completion of courses. These help prove that you completed the course, though they are not accredited courses. You can list Edureka courses on your CV or resume under a training, skills, or additional courses section. 

However, Edureka also offers some courses that are accredited by universities, including Purdue University and others. 

Question: Does Edureka Provide Certificates for Webinars?

Answer: Webinars are helpful for career guidance and skillsets. They’re offered through Edureka as a supplement to coursework, but you can only earn certificates by completing a course. Attending a webinar will not earn you a certificate. 

Question: Is an Edureka Webinar Free?

Answer: Edureka webinars are offered for free– but only to those who are currently enrolled or recently enrolled in a course. Webinars are meant to support both learning and placement opportunities for Edureka students. 

Final Verdict: Give it a Try

If live classes online in tech fields sound up your alley, consider giving Edureka a try. It’s useful for shoring up on basic skills, at the very least. It isn’t the cheapest option, but I do like the career perks, and live classes with hands-on projects are a rare find.

I recommend giving it two days and seeing if you want to stick with it– then making sure you don’t violate any policies so you can cancel risk-free in those 3 days if needed. It may be wise to start with one class first before committing to a master’s bundle, but that’s up to you.

Interested in learning with Edureka? Click Here to Browse All Edureka Courses.

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